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I am a sculptor and landscape architect. I have returned to my first love - printmaking.

When I went to Art School in England -- a long time ago in 1958! -- I concentrated on printmaking. I eventually turned to sculpture and taught the discipline in colleges in both England and the United States. I first arrived in the States on a Fulbright Fellowship to teach at the University of Nebraska at Omaha. In response to growing environmental concerns, I returned to school in the early seventies to train as a landscape architect at the University of Pennsylvania. Since then I have made a living designing landscapes and making sculpture for public places throughout the U. S.


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Throughout my life I have also drawn on paper, both as a preliminary to other work and as a parallel activity, important in its own right. This two-dimensional work led me back to printmaking. In addition, I had the need to record the landscapes I designed and I learned the art of panoramic photography. This practical necessity quickly turned to delving into the expressive possibilities of the camera and the computer. My prints begin life as photographs. Many hours of experimentation and manipulation on the computer result in the final images.

It is the land that has informed all of my work, in whatever medium. I have tried to reflect it in my sculpture; I have tried to work with it -- and sometimes to heal it -- in my landscape design. With these images I am trying to express its strength and to explore an understanding of the earth as an active living force, not as a passive stage for human activity. On one level, my images are modest pictures; on another, they are a heartfelt expression of the physical and spiritual sustenance that the land bestows.

'Beth Chatto Garden' detail

"Beth Chatto Garden" detail


How were the images created?
The genesis of the images and how I created and printed them. I have included some comments about the role of the computer in the Fine Arts.

I hope you enjoy my prints. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.


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